Artist Statement

To whom it will concern,

My work has always been about sustainability. And it is something, that affects me greatly, and I cannot do something else, because it feels immoral to do so for me. In recent times I have learned about a deeper meaning of what it means to make environmental art, and the arts are a part of combatting climate change.

The problem of climate change requires genuine cultural change to solve.

Every day I learn something new about environmental art and with each project I hope to take a step closer to making work that truly aligns with the aforementioned statement. I know that this means that my work needs to engage the audience and beyond. And that is something that causes me anxiety and is something I am unfamiliar with. But I will push through and overcome it, because it is necessary to achieve my goal.

My practice has always and will (probably) consist of studio work and theoretical work. One feeds the other. One is a way to process the other. One is a way to ask questions about the other. They are equally important, but often separated and kept apart.

Blessed be

Leo Verstappen